The transporter for cats is often considered a terror object, in fact most owners tell about real battles to try to let their friend enter, not only to bring him to the Veterinary’s but also to leave on holidays.

We have always to consider that cats leave olfactory prints on everything they get in touch with, they rub their cheeks to put familiar pheromones and they leave the ones of fear with the paws or with the anal glands. All signs that the human sense of smell doesn’t perceive.

That’s why if the transporter is only use once a year for medical visit and then it is stored in the basement or utility room without washing it, the following time your cat will not absolutely enter and try to avoid it in every way.

The suggestion is to leave the transporter, possibly in plastics that is easier to wash and disinfect and better if open in 2 sections, in a home corner where the cat can sleep and leave pheromones of quietness and not of terror!


The storage compartment of Tour transporter by Bama

You can also use suitable products to make the familiarity of such an object at least for the first time.

To use the transporter to travel and not only to bring the cat to the Veterinary’s will let our friend understand he will not have to fear it. Bama Tour‘s transporter was thought to give comfort to our pet during every trip. Comfortable and practical, it is equipped with a storage compartment for storing what’s necessary for your friend during the holiday times.

Tour transporter fixed with safety belts

It has been designed to be fixed with both with straps and safety belts in order to use it on your car or your bike.