When you leave on holidays with children, we will obviously prepare the bag of toys as well: small shovels, bucket, balls, rackets..and if besides of children were there pets too? They also have their favorite toys.

You would be wondering which toys to bring and, above all, how to play with them when we go to the sea. And how to behave when you go on holiday together with your pets. Here there are some suggestion.

Some suggestion to choose the holiday house.

  • If you have to go to the sea no to the usual place, it is important to bring with you some accessory used by the dog, in order to remind him the home smell. In a known flat, dogs will have already left smell traces of recognition.
  • It is very important to bring the bed  or an object that he can identify as the place of sleep. This will fundamental above all for cats, who have extremely methodical habits.
  • Bring their bowls and, above all, the litter has to be the same as the home one. Now paper litter boxes exist very useful to be used for limited time. It is good not to use them if holidays is more than 3 weeks long; at the end they can be easily eliminated.

And now let’s talk of toys!

Toys should fit their character and habits. Dogs who love water, both for the race like Labrador, Golden Retriever, Terranova, Coker Spaniel etc. and for personal attraction, will try and enter the sea, lakes or rivers as soon as possible. They can generally swim by themselves. Pay attention only to streams and whirlpools, if this makes you anxious keep the dog at a long leash, so that you can recover and look after him more easily.

To make them play, use objects that can float, more easy to hold without they have to plunge their head in water all the times. Like this, you avoid problems of otitis, above all due to the sea salty water or the frozen ones of brooks ( I suggest to read the article here).

There are many objects created for this, pay attention they don’t release colorants and that they are of non-toxic material.

A ball or a balloon will be the preferred game by hunting dogs, runners for nature. If you play on the sand, it will be a very good gymnastic  exercise ( for you and for them) . It could be dangerous in case of pebbles and rocks: the wounds at the fingertips are always hiding.

And cats? For the you can only collects small shells that they could make roll at home, woods with sea or alpine scent ( different from the aseptic ones of scratching toys). At this purpose, avoid dangerous woods or the feathers  of seagulls ( whose point is often  sharpened), I suggest to read the article of May 2017.

You can also collect small object to tie at ropes that you will bring home at the end of the vacation. For the cat it will be a new and funny game.

Bama has created a very beautiful toy, the stick Tuttomio that bounces and floats! Read  about  its use and have a good Summer!