To observe is a very important requisite if you are a veterinary. Why? It’s a simple answer: our patient can’t speak! That is why every insignificant and little tiny expression can give us the right answer and let us individuate even the most hidden pathologies.

For that reason it is important to observe our dogs during daily walks.

A healthy dog is happy to walk with his owner, he will trot on our side and sometimes he will even take a look and wait for approval.

Other times he will stop because needs to evacuate but he will still remain on our side.

This behavior shows the relation between dogs and owners and their social position.

Anyway, we often run into dogs that drag their owners. From the bigger sized dogs to the little ones, they all drag their owners while they are having tantrums.

This behavior can be caused by:

A puppy that is not appropriately accustomed to leash and harness or a puppy with a too much vivacious character. In this case calmness and patience will change his behavior. You can accustom your puppy a bit at a time, firstly at home (a more familiar and calm place).

Dogs can have a dominant character, especially if the owner will not give them the appropriate education and let them do everything they want. In this case, you need a big dose of patience, in fact it is the owner that has to be the dominant one and not the opposite. Of course if dogs need urgently to evacuate, it is tolerate such behavior, but occasionally.

However, it does exist an opposite situation in which the owner drags and jerks quarrelsome dogs. This is a mistaken behavior! Generally a quarrelsome dog is an ill dog with great pain that sometimes we don’t notice.

The pain can be caused by collar and it gives neck ache or trachea ache, or it can be caused by harness that gives back ache and armpit ache.

Be patient with them, it causes a great pain to move a limb (like a 90 years old man). Dog can also have a cardiac disease: he easily becomes tired and it can have shortness of breath while heartbeat increase. If you strain at the leash them it can be dangerous, stress and scare will grow.

In the end, don’t strain at the leash your dog if you think he is being lazy! It is very difficult that a dog becomes lazy, unless he is very old and overweight.

So, my advise is to enjoy your daily walk but observe him closely! You might alleviate pain and worthless suffering.