Otitis can affect indiscriminately cats or dogs and among them some races are more exposed then others. We can recognise three different Otitis: External Otitis, Medium Otitis and Internal Otitis. External Otitis are more common and prevalent.

Generally this disease affect only one ear but in the most dangerous cases can affect both at the same time. There can be numerous causes like the classical “air blast”, for example when dogs put the muzzle outside the car window; but can also be infectious, parasitic, allergic causes or can be provoked by a foreign body like Poaceae best know as grasses.

It’s easy to realize that our pet has Otitis. He shakes his head repeatedly, he turns his head, he often scratches himself and scrapes the ear against other objects to placate the pain and the ailment. Frequently cats with nails sharper than dogs’, can hurt themselves and cause deep and bleed wounds.

Another important and decisive symptom is the acrid and pungent smell coming from the sick ear. Looking inside the crease of the ear we can notice a dark and thick material that usually spreads out on the fur around the ear.
We absolutely have to go to the Vet and make some tests in order to find the right therapy as soon as possible. In this way the pathology will not become chronic and we avoid complication like eardrum perforation.

The most important thing is to not ever give medicine or other substances that can aggravate the situation. Better is to ask your Vet before.