Ihope you always bring your pets with your during you holidays. Now most structures allow them easily and also many beach baths accept them by offering proper spaces like swimming pools or even whirlpools.

Dogs generally love running on the beach and plunge in the sea. To avoid the hot I suggest to do that always in the early morning. Find out before if you are allowed to, many beaches are forbidden to docs and you could get penalties from security.

To walk or run on the water edge is healthy for our furred friends, who are unfortunately used to walk only on asphalt. If it could be possible to make them swim as well, by securing them with a long leash, it would be great.


Bama Doppia bowl

The only problem with the sea water could be raise for dogs suffering from chronic otitis, while for all other pathologies, above all for the ones of the skin, it will be a real cure-all. But remember to wash your dog with fresh water because the salt in long contact with the skin could cause damages.
Bring a bowl with fresh water to use against the “ drinks” of salty water. The Bama bowl Doppia Small could be the right one for you, because being little bulky is easy to carry in the bag.