I often suggest to create funny games for cats and many owners reply that their four-legged friends are already happy enough because they have everything they need: they have the best food as much as they like, lots of cuddles, they sleep in a very soft bed and live in a protect environment away from danger. Despite everything, a cat that lives in a house or an apartment in not happy enough.

A free cat is extremely curious and can explore a very big space and different places. He spend his day finding new smells, running, climbing trees, hunting quarries and sleeping in restful places. So, why don’t create for them incentives in our homes and make him less bored?

It is important to know that many pathologies like aggression, bulimia, anorexia or nervousness can be caused by a boring life. It is not necessary to built a castle for him or give him too many toys, it is enough to use your fantasy and create stimulating games.

Cats love to climb trees, it is an excellent exercise, they can sharpen his nails and they don’t use the couch. It is necessary to buy a trunk or pole covered by carpet (it has to be attached to the ground or the wall) and connected them with some shelves in a spiral staircase, in this way your cat has a wonderful view and can rest quietly. He will definitely love it. As an alternative we can hang a big robe on the ceiling, they will find it very funny.

Many children’s toys can make him really happy: for example soft tunnels, pavement with soft squares where he can sharpen his nails or long straws with some feather very enjoyable. But he will even appreciate big or small boxes with holes that he will find very nice, or paper bags (but not plastic bags in which they can suffocate).

Finally hide his biscuits in different places and let him truck down everywhere in the house. It is a strategic idea that also encourage him to run and play in order to reawaken his instinct.
Some times it is easy to make him happy and helps him to stay fit and healthy!