When we talk about improving people daily life, and with Bama Pet the one of pets, we always talk about problem solving.

Let’s think of Food Stand for example: a double bowl with a tool compartment to be hung on the wall. Even in this case we have started from a concrete need: recent studies demonstrate that dogs often suffer from neck pathologies (among which the cervical arthrosis) and that they can feel pain while bowing the head. Form here the idea was born of a bowl to be hung on the wall, functions, adjustable and ideal outside and inside.

Even the Doghouse Bungalow and the kennel Tour were born with same philosophy, to study pets’ needs, to propose functional and innovative solutions. Bungalow is our doghouse, ideal for medium sized dogs, thought to solve the 2 main issues of this kind of articles: airy and cleaning. We have created a special system which allows to raise the roof in two positions, by one side or both, in order to allow a major internal airy. Moreover the base is equipped with wheels and therefore easily removable, making the cleaning of the surface easier in each corners for a better hygiene and comfort.

Tour is insteaimg-migliorare-qualita-vita-03d our transporter functional and elegant, ideal for small sized dogs, cats and bunnies, the rattan design which distinguished it for its style. Light easy and fast to assembly, it is equipped with a wide tools compartment and a comfortable handle which allows to carry it by keeping both hands free. It has been also projected to be fixed with safety belts on every vehicles and every kind of transfer, by bike, scooter or car.

Therefore unique and innovative solutions on the market, with Italian design and quality, which improve the life of our 4 legged friends. And the ones who live with a pet know that, if they are well, we are fine too!