The view of blood in the urine – “ematuria” in medical terms – always alert each owner of dog or cat a lot. The episode generally appears without any ominous symptom, you suddenly see drops of urine red colored or in bigger quantities: if the cat suffers of that the sand will assume a different color, but even with dark litters, the different smell can alert us.

But sometimes you can notice irritability, increase of the frequency of the stimulus to urinate without emission of urine if not in small quantities, continuous licking of the part, due to deep burning and pain cries. It is fundamental to contact your own veterinary, who will make all necessary checks. Fundamental a test of urines , which the owner himself can collect, with chemical examination and search for sediment to exclude the presence of crystals or real gallstones. An abdominal ultrasound to exclude gallstones or more serious pathologies. Or a bacteriological test to determine the infection.

The therapy will be made by the doctor and it will vary according to the trigger cause.