Did you every think about how much the playing is important for all clever animals?
All mammals play exactly like men.

This activity becomes a very important way to develop motor capacities as soon as puppies grow, even if the playing doesn’t always end with maturity.

  • We play with brothers to imitate all the activities to be done when adult. Some games can be:
  • The fight: fundamental to state hierarchical orders in animals with social life, with attitudes of submission or dominance.
  • The jab of teeth, to distinguish between a prey and a friend , and, in case of cats, the draw of nails, that are very powerful weapons of defense.
  • The simulation of stud for the prosecution of the species.

With mum, we will learn to hunt, simulating ambushes, pursuits, the recognizing of odor traces, the exact hold to kill the prey.

These techniques are vital in nature, difficultly an orphan will be able to succeed by himself without a mum who teaches him how or what to hunt or how we behave in group.
Not all subjects love to keep on playing when adults but for many of them is always a fundamental activity and i twill serve to reinforce the link with the owner.
To avoid they use dangerous things like stones, woods or other objects like slippers, socks..I suggest the use of toys studied for them , like compact balls resistant against bites to stimulate the bringing back, braids of textile , interactive games to stimulate smell and concentration ( above all for cats).

I also suggest a new toy, a “real fake wood”, suitable both to the bringing back and the contact with water. It is “Tuttomio”, new product of Bamapet!

  • It reminds the beloved wood stick but with this special characteristics: it bounces and floats.
  • Ideal for outdoor and/or indoor
  • Suitable to medium and big sized dogs
  • It increases the physical-mental agility
  • It improves coordination
  • Made of a special non-toxic material

Discover more on “Tuttomio” at this link.