Today I want to tell you a story. I don’t know the beginning, but it could be similar to many others.

We decide to have a puppy, we adopt or buy him by choosing him among many, thinking about what he can be when growing: a guard-dog or a hunting dog, a sheep dog or a pet.

The puppy then grows and it can happen he doesn’t become just what we dreamt of. Therefore we abandon him to his destiny very easily thinking: “ it is an animal and it can manage by itself”. Most of times, it doesn’t work like that and only the luckiest (?) arrange themselves as they can, often falling ill. Hungry, thToulouse_1irsty and in bad conditions they sometimes can move someone who, however, decides to take care of them.

This what happened to the little dog Toulouse we have adopted. She has been abandoned but we don’t know if because ill or because they were tired to take care of her. When she was in very bad conditions a Sicilian lady found her and she cared her until she could be fine again and be adopted.
Therefore Toulouse did a long journey with the couriers, people who bring dogs and cats to destinations we hope they are better.

She has been adopted by a family who took care for 6 months only and afterwards they decided to get rid o f her because Toulouse had a serious illness. They have thought it would be better to euthanize her.

Toulouse_2Today I have taken care of Toulouse and not only she has made the operation through but she is also recovering. She will not be able to have a long life after all that happened to her but from my side I will always have the consolation to have done what was possible living her another change: a home, some cuddles, food and the care she deserves.

The moral of this story will be expected and always the same: an animal can not be considered an object to get rid of when you don’t want it anymore. Before adopting one think about well about your own responsibilities, they don’t have any faults and the totally trust in us. To abandon them, above all if ill, is a true act of cowardice.They don’t deserve at all. If you think it is a game, play with other but not with their lives.