Coming back from a walk, it might happen that our dog or even our cat, if they have the chance to go out, they come back keeping an eye shut. The symptom in general can become worst and the eye starts weeping excessively. If we try to open our friend’s eyelid he will experience a lot of pain and he will try to remove the pain using his paw or rub his muzzle, unfortunately the situation will get worst.

Probably this symptoms can reveal a corneal ulcer. Sometimes stinging leaves or dry grass can provoke this illness. In this case try to examine the painful eye using a damp towel with fresh water or damp the towel with a chamomile tea.

If you find a leaf or a spike inside the eye and it can be easily remove with a cotton bud,  you can do it by yourself and give your pet immediate relief. Frequently the eye can be so irritating that we can’t help our friend. In this particular case it’s necessary to take promptly the animal to the Veterinary or just call him to ask for explanations and suggestions.

It is very important to not give your pet eye drops or ointment without asking the Vet before. If it is a Corneal Ulcer and you will not cure it adequately, it can cause irreparable damages at our pet sight.